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I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the dozens of volunteers who diligently completed questionnaires and compliance forms, endured the indignity of tape measures and weigh-ins, and bravely donned their most revealing undergarments so I could track their progress with awkward snapshots. Your feedback was instrumental in making this the most effective weight loss program in existence. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!
Chris Lydon, MD

Note: The test subjects who donated these before and after photographs lost between 12 and 22 pounds in 41 days. Those who had not yet reached their weight loss goals by the conclusion of the six week trial period all went on to continue losing weight over the coming months. At the time of this posting (between 18 and 48 months later) they have all maintained their weight loss.

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After trying to lose weight for years using other exercise programs, fitness centre, etc. I discovered the Ten Years Thinner program. What a relief! I have finisned my 6th week and lost 17 inches and 9 pounds. I plan on continuing the week 6 program until I get to my desired 'shape'. Everyone needs to try this. It really makes you take a look at all the crap that is out there and you learn to appreciate really good food!
Cathy, 51

I was a small-figured petite person, and still was able to squeeze into size 0 when I started the program. I did not have 10-20 pounds to lose but my body was getting rounder and softer and the daily 40-minutes on the treadmill did not reduce the fat around the waistline at all. I felt less energy and more fatigue, and began to look suddenly older. I began to wonder if I would ever go back in shape. Now I am in my seventh week. I followed the program very strictly for the first two weeks. Whenever I skipped workouts or ate what I wasn't supposed to, I always tried to get back to the program quickly and continued on. I lost an inch around my waist by the third week, another half an inch in the fourth week. I am four pounds lighter. Although the measurements were reassuring, what really made me happy was the fit of clothes. I began to get compliments on my pants and dresses that I've been wearing for years. Yesterday I went to a party and two female friends noticed I lost weight. One of them said my face look younger and it now has more angle or something. There are some benefits that I didn't expect. I sleep much deeper at night. When I get up in the morning I can literally feel that I've been metabolizing fat all night. I no longer feel exhausted in mid afternoons. I feel sexier. After six weeks I am more drawn than before to fish, vegetables, and whole grains and less to noodles, breads, and sweet desserts. I eat tuna frittata, sweet potato, and fruit almost every morning. I eat lean meat and cooked vegetable for lunch. I cheat a little bit at dinner and eat something like wonton soup, but with lots of onion and cabbage in the soup. My snacks are unsalted almond, fruits, and small portions of dark chocolate. I am worried that I might need to keep increasing intensity of workout to stay in shape. But it has helped me so far and I am quite pleased with it.
Jolie, 41

I used this plan last fall to lose 11lbs and 3 inches from my waist (went from 29" to 26" waist) and I've maintained that success. I thought at 42, I was just destined for a "matronly" figure for the rest of my life--nothing else that worked for me in the past to lose inches/weight was working for me anymore & the scale just kept going higher & the waist kept on expaning. I was so glad to find this book. Thank you, Chris!
Dawn, 42

As a regular runner I was getting frustrated that my weight seemed static - trying hard and getting nowhere fast!! My big problem was being a terrible snacker - always having my hand in the biscuit tin! I came across the Ten Years Thinner book by accident and thought I would give it a try. Wow! I'm now into Week 5 and over 12lbs lost. Running is easier, my clothes fit better and I feel great!!
Maria, 40

Yesterday I went into a class to work with another interpreter I hadn't seen since before I started the Ten Years Thinner program and she looked at me and said, "My god! You look fabulous! I swear you look 20 years younger!"
Mariam, 49

I lost 33 pounds in six weeks without feeling hungry. Iím living proof that this program works.
Greg, 34

My friends on Weight Watchers are afraid to eat. Every pound they lose seems to be a struggle. One lady told me sheís always starving, but sheís afraid to eat because she knows sheíll just regain all the weight sheís lost. They canít believe the results Iíve gotten on Ten Years Thinner eating as much as I do. I am NEVER hungry, but Iím still losing pounds and inches.
Darlene, 43

I work in television where 70-hour workweeks are the norm. The Ten Years Thinner exercise routine is the only workout I've ever found that actually fits into my schedule and gives fast results. As for the diet, even the MTV cafeteria has lots of program-compliant foods.
Sabrina, 37

I love the program! The fact that the book is incredibly well written and researched and describes the science behind the eating plan and exercise program it advocates is very motivational. So far, I've lost 5 pounds and gained a lot of strength and speed in my running. (I continue to run but have switched to intervals.) I ran a training run at what was my previous race pace! I love the way I feel, and have much more energy than before. I lost my cravings for sweets. The exercise program is challenging but relatively simple to incorporate into my busy life.
Shelley, 37

I struggled for eight years with binge eating sugar junk food before I found Ten Years Thinner. After the first week on the program all my uncontrollable cravings were gone and I am no longer under the "power of food". I eat good delicious healthy foods and love it! I lost two dress sizes in six weeks. Now, two weeks later I'm down another dress size! Amazing! My body fat is just melting away. It is such a simple program- anyone can do it!
Ann Marie, 36

I'm ending my 7th week and, so far, have lost about 13 pounds. I only started the exercises two weeks ago, but I am finding them easier as I go along. I have not been hungry! I've cheated a couple times but have been doing great-- although I think I eat too many nuts sometimes... Thank you for this program!
Karen, 59 and 3/4

I have been on the Ten Years Thinner plan for 3 weeks. I start week 4 tomorrow. To date I have lost 10 lbs, several inches, and I feel really good. Thanks, Dr. Lydon!
Donna, 53

I have two kids under the age of six, a full-time job, and a husband who works ten to twelve hour days, six days a week. Iíve tried many times to fit regular exercise into my schedule. Ten Years Thinner is so simple and so convenient, itís the first program Iíve ever found that both fits into my life and produces results. I have a pair of pants that I havenít been able to wear since 1996. Today, they fit me better than they did when I bought them in 1992. Maybe the book should have been called Fifteen Years Thinner!
Jillian, 38

I lost ten pounds in four weeks on the Ten Years Thinner program. After the first two days, I didnít have any more cravings. By the end of the first week, my energy was increasing and I already felt stronger. By the end of the second week, my clothes were fitting differently and my arms were noticeably more toned. Within a month, Iíd lost five inches off my waist. But the best part was my butt. By the end of the six weeks, I actually had one!
Lisa, 36

My biggest concern when I started the Ten Years Thinner program was that I wouldnít be able to give up the bad carbs. I love pasta; I love bread; I love French Fries. But my cravings were completely eliminated within the first few days. Gone. And I donít miss those foods. The program literally changed what I have an appetite for. And I got amazing results! I dropped six pounds in the first week, and I lost 21 pounds in under two months. Iíve now lost a total of 28 pounds and am in better shape than I was in my early 20ís.
Matt, 38

Between raising a toddler, working a full-time job, and running a small business, itís a challenge for me to find time to exercise. The Ten Years Thinner workout fits my life because it only takes 25 minutes a day and I donít have to leave my living room to do it.
Melissa, 36

When I hear the term diet, I think restriction. But this program isnít restrictive. Iím never hungry. Sometimes I actually have trouble finishing the portions. I also never have cravings. In fact, on the cheat days, I usually forget to cheat!
Cathy, 31

The Ten Years Thinner program never left me with uncontrollable cravings like Atkins did. This program works because it puts you on the road to results and gives you the tools you need to stay there.
Don , 32

The diet is very easy to follow and extremely versatile. If anything, itís streamlined my eating.
Laurie, 43

I recently came upon your wonderful book. The diet guidelines keep me vibrant and satiated while the exercises keep me toned and feeling energetic, not drained. I plan to continue using your methods from this point forward. Thank you for your wonderful gift to those of us who are truly motivated to embrace good health and overcome overweight!
Karin, 56

I started applying your methods gradually over the summer to get used to excercising regularly. Last week, I started to follow your diet and excercise program completely and, within the first week, I lost 3 kg and 5 centimeters. I'm very pleased!
Berit, 42

I started this eating lifestyle plan 2 weeks ago and I'm thrilled with the results. I have been a sugar/rich food addict all my life and to be finally free of that addiction is amazing-- I never thought it would be possible! The cravings are now much weaker and I have a lot more self control. As a mother of a 9 month old and 12 year old I want to be here for my kids. My mother was diagnosed with type II diabetes this last year and I'm on my way to insuring that I don't allow this aweful disease to happen to me. I have lost 4" total and at least 8 lbs. Finally I have found something that will work!
Lana P, 34

This is the best eating plan that I have ever been on. I really love it!
Mary, 55

I was motivated to try Ten Years Thinner after learning I had high cholesterol. I followed the program for six weeks and, without medication, my cholesterol levels fell to well within the normal range.
Deanne, 35

I lost 12 pounds in three weeks without craving junk food or feeling hungry between meals. Plus I sleep so well now that I always have lots of energy. I donít even bother setting my alarm anymore.
Alex, 35

I lost pounds and inches in the first week. My energy soared during the second week. By the third week, my clothes were fitting very differently. I would definitely recommend this program to my friends. I think if they were to try it for three weeks and see the results, theyíd be hooked.
Colleen, 43

I recently underwent two major surgeries and was laid up for about three months. After my first week doing the Ten Years Thinner exercise program, I could already see and feel my body getting stronger by the day. After 6 weeks, my body was even leaner than before my surgery.
Heather, 38

I saw amazing improvements in just six weeks! This program changed my life; it made me realize that eating right and exercising donít have to be a chore.
Francoise, 26

I am a police officer and have always strived to have a high level of fitness. The Ten Years Thinner program allowed me to lose fat, gain muscle, increase my energy, and end food cravings. I finally got rid of the spare tire that had been stubbornly resisting my efforts for years.
Christopher, 35

The Ten Years Thinner program delivers amazing results in such a short time. I would totally recommend it to anyone, whether they are newly embarking on a healthy lifestyle or just wanting to improve their current level of fitness.
Kim, 39

Even though I have a regular exercise regime incorporating dance and weights, I still use Chris' regimen, in between, 2-3 times a week. It is particularly effective in helping me stay toned when I travel (which is quite a bit as a food and wine publicist) and I don't need a gym or special equipment to do it.
Serry (Former International Aerobic Competitor), 44